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Mirage Visualisation's 2023 Rebranding by Simple: Design, Aesthetics, and Storytelling

For Mirage Visualisation's sixth birthday, we've taken the next step in our journey. Introducing Mirage's brand-new digital look and feel.

Our chosen aesthetic is with a "clients come first" approach.

As you may be familiar, it's Mirage's mission to show the client buildings in the best light possible. Our team creates elegant images that resemble architectural photography.

And just like mirages, they exist for a brief time. Then, the buildings are built; photographs are taken.

But in those couple of moments of time, we take the most effort to create visualisations that are just the right fit for our clients.

We wanted this seamless, elegant vision to be reflected upon our digital identity: starting with our website.

Taking this next step of our journey, we entrusted the help of Simple Graphics, a creative agency that delivers simple, yet meaningful work for clients.

As Thibault Paturle, Mirage's CEO, shares,

"I have followed Simple's work for some time. They seemed to be the perfect fit for our rebranding."

Discover the story today with our exclusive interview with Thibault and Monica Stoykova, Founder of Simple.

Mirage Visualisation's company presentation by Simple Graphics
MV Company Presentation by Simple Graphics

When Mirage Visualisation first contacted Simple, Monica and her team were impressed by the "flawless work of the studio".

"I have always had an affinity for architecture and interior design, and it was exciting to have the opportunity to work with a brand from this industry," shares Monica.

The project was to provide a fresh, new perspective on the current Mirage brand.

With 10+ years of experience in creating minimalistic and timeless designs for brands all around the world, Monika notes that the concept is perhaps the most "exciting, but also challenging and responsible" element.

"That is, as the design concept defines all current and future elements of the brand."

Mirage's and Simple's teams had multiple meetings to find our perfect brand fit.

Thibault recalls, “Simple gave us three design proposals and they were all great. We had a great conversation at the start of the project and these proposals were exactly on point.”

Yet, the three concepts were radically different - we knew that whichever we selected would lead to an entirely different look and feel of the brand.

This was a period of sharing ideas, mutual enrichment, and brand building

And in the end, we settled on a clean and modern vision with a twist.

Mirage Visualisation's business cards  by Simple Graphics
MV Business Cards by Simple Graphics

To follow this concept, the Simple team immediately integrated rules to shape every single aspect of the look and feel of the brand.

  • Starting with font consistency, which had to balance and highlight the essence of the brand. A combination of sans-serif fonts brought about a sense of precision and professionalism.

Mirage's font was also selected to complement our logo: an homage to the pixels that are rendered for each and every single one of our visualisations.

  • Next, the Simple team had to select the color schemes that would best match Mirage's brand.

This includes the classical black-and-white specter.

Those were combined with natural beige hues, symbolizing the natural materials (stone, concrete, wood) used in architecture.

  • One final element which was important for the design was the layouts. Simple's team created those based on a precisely composed grid.

"This eliminates the risk of chaotic arrangement of the elements and structures them in an orderly harmony," recalls Monica.
Mirage Visualisation's letterhead by Simple Graphics
MV Letterhead by Simple Graphics

Speaking about the project itself, Monica notes that the main purpose of it was to create an "invisible" design that won't outshine the work of Mirage.

“The storytelling we see in Mirage is all about visuals, with each image having a different atmosphere and style. All design elements we've used are to emphasize and enhance the emotions of the stories.

On working with Simple, Thibault notes, “I can only praise them, they made the process clear and easy. They were very creative, and their references were great.

More about Simple Graphics

Simple Graphics was founded in 2017 by Monica Stoykova, whose portfolio includes 10+ years of experience working for renowned international advertising agencies.

Today, the Simple team nurtures dedicated creatives, passionate about simple designs, bold ideas, and bringing value to the projects.

With an individual approach to each project, the Simple Graphics team is driven by the desire to create valuable and innovative designs.

Their client base is international and covers multiple niches - from beauty brands, through government institutions, to technology and innovation brands.

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