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Oh My Cream!


Thomas Fournier




Paris, France


Cosmetics shop

Walk through the doors of a simple and minimalistic design. ⁠⁠
One that brings customers a balanced and harmonious experience by focusing on even the smallest details, from handcrafted ceramics to lighting. ⁠OhMyCream is a project full of creativity, teamwork, and precision to detail. Working on it, we had to imagine those particular details that bring about the feeling of harmony within the space itself.⁠ ⁠Like, the smooth transition of the plaster between the walls and the ceiling. Another interesting detail to model was the glazed terracotta tiles on the furniture. "Self-care is skincare"! Or so goes the concept behind the boutique OhMyCream store, located in Paris.⁠ Thomas Fournier trusted us to create these interior views to show the design of the shop.⁠

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