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School Merignac


W Architecture




Bordeaux, France



Pre-school and middle school

W Architecture's latest project involved designing a school building in the suburbs of Bordeaux, using locally sourced yellow stones. The team's creative process involved playing with simple forms and moucharabieh to create a stunning interplay of light within the building. The project's strategic location makes it a local landmark, providing a sense of direction and a waypoint for the city. The school building also features a bold gymnasium at the corner, adding to the overall appeal of the structure.

The project's architectural design showcases the team's expertise in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing structures. The use of local stones adds a unique charm to the building and reflects the local culture. The team's creative process involved extensive collaboration, brainstorming, and attention to detail to ensure that the building met the client's needs while still maintaining a high level of design excellence. The interplay of light, created through the use of simple forms and moucharabieh, adds an ethereal quality to the building that enhances the learning experience. Overall, W Architecture's project is a testament to their commitment to creating innovative and visually stunning architectural designs.

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